Be still my heart.

Writing in Tasty Tampa each week has been a whole heap of fun. I have been eating and drinking my way around the Tampa Bay area, and sharing the delights that I come across along the way. This week in celebration of my tenth post, I decided to treat myself (pat on the back) and head out for a nice dinner. I had a friend visiting me from out of town, so I needed no more validation.

At the beginning of this year I started some classes at college and recommended to me by one of my classmates was Ulele. This place has been in my peripherals ever since. I risked going there fairly late on a Saturday evening and without a reservation. We got lucky as we managed to slide onto the communal table, parked right in the middle of this bustling establishment. It was a great place to sit and take in this beautiful place.

Set in the old waterworks building down by the river, marks of its history are stamped on the bricked walls. The surrounding gardens are beautifully manicured and adorned with ornate statues, which are lit up at night. A fountain surrounded by a fire pit holds and statue of Ulele herself. Her story sits on a plaque by the side and is also printed on all of their menus. The restaurant is spread around multiple areas, inside and out, upstairs and down. Every section is a magnificent splendor for all the senses.

The food and drinks were as wonderful as the surroundings in which we sat. The staff were quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. I shared a lobster cake and beet salad to start. Every bite of the cake had lobster in it. For the main, we both chose the snapper with spinach and mashed potato. Believe it or not, we also managed to squeeze in a dessert for sharing. Check out their full menu here, and mark this place as an absolutely must visit on your list. It is truly exceptional.



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