Over the course of this last week, I have had several events in my office. All of these events had working lunches that required catering. Choosing just one of them to tell you about has been a hard choice. So, in keeping with the trend of the last couple of weeks, I’m going to give you an insight into just one more of the Ciccio restaurant group concepts.

On Tuesday of this week, Ciccio Water catered for my Executive Committee meeting. I had become tired of the usual restaurants that I would order from, as they all seem to serve the same dishes. Looking for something lighter and healthier we found that Ciccio Water offers just that.

The order was made up of a couple of appetizers in the form of spring rolls and crab bites.  For the main course, we had various Californian bowls which consist of a base, protein, topping, and sauce. (Similar to the bowls made at Fresh Kitchen, but with an Asian flair). Then to finish off the meal we had tiramisu and chocolate cake. The catering manager, Pete, always does a great job putting the order together for us and the deliveries are always on time and set up nicely. What’s more important, is that my guests were tastefully satisfied!

I have yet to try some of their other restaurant concepts: Lodge, Green Lemon, Better Byrd, but have high confidence that they would not disappoint me either. These guys are definitely on to a good thing with all that they do, and I wish them great success in all of their endeavors.



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  1. What an informative review. I have been very curious about checking this place out for a while, and I have driven past their location quite a few times. After reading this I have added Ciccio Water on my list to use for a future event. Thank you!

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