Great group for grub.

For this week and next week, I am going to continue to cover additional restaurants that are part of the Ciccio Restaurant Group. These guys really seem to know how to put a good restaurant concept together, and they have a variety of them to offer. Located in a couple of areas around FL, but most can be found on South Howard, in the Soho area of Tampa. Here you have a plethora of them to choose from, and all with varied menus to satisfy your taste buds and belly rumbling needs.

Today I am going to tell you about Daily Eats. At the weekends this is an extremely popular breakfast/brunch spot. Despite the long wait that you may have to endure, waiting for a table during peak times, the service is very fast, friendly, and efficient.

The inside of this restaurant is eclectically designed to simulate an old mid-century diner. A long bar lined with stools extends further to a counter adorned with cupcakes, and sweet treats,  displayed in glass domes for all to see. Just behind the bar sits the milkshake station where they whip up these tasty diner staples. I have watched them go by my table on many occasions, making me wide-eyed, but I have yet to try one. Having always visited Daily Eats for brunch, I have opted for eggs Benedict along with coffee each time. This combination sets me up for the day ahead and sends me merrily on my way. Check out their full menu here and be sure to try them next time you are in the area.



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