Healthy Nutritious Delicious!

Aside from the indulgent goodies that I share on my blog, I do aim to maintain a healthy eating regime. In order to do this, I will shop for groceries conscientiously, always with a shopping list in hand and meals in mind. However, despite having the fridge and cupboards stocked with healthy meal options, there are some nights that I have no desire or energy to cook. On such nights, I have a couple of “go to” places to help me stick with the plan.

Aside from the likes of Whole Foods and Trader Joes (who have an assortment of options). South Tampa has a couple of great restaurants that serve my need for a healthy and tasty meal. Fresh Kitchen which is part of the Ciccio restaurant group,  have several concepts and none of them have yet to disappoint.

The menu at fresh kitchen revolves around building a bowl for your healthy feast. You pick your choice of base, vegetable, protein, and then sauce to top it off. They also have some additional side orders on their menu along with fresh juices and teas. I find that my only problem is deciding what to have (as it is all so delicious). To help with this dilemma, they have devised a very convenient option on their menu, where you can choose a bowl with multiple choice items. As a recommendation, do not skip the sweet potato noodles, roasted Brussel sprouts, or their herb grilled chicken. As far as sauces are concerned, try them all! Check out their full menu and details here.


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