Heavenly Brunch.

Pinky’s restaurant which is located on Bay to Bay Boulevard, was actually the very first restaurant that I visited after moving to the Tampa area. On the morning after the big move, the majority of my kitchen items were still packed in their boxes, waiting to be extracted and organized into the new kitchen. There was little food in my fridge, as I had yet to go to the supermarket, and I woke up feeling hungry and wanting food fast!  After Googling the area for a good breakfast spot, Pinky’s came up near the top of my search. It was adorned with some impressive reviews and even some awards for best brunch in recent years. It was located close by and deemed the logical choice for my hunger needs.

The restaurant is nestled in a small strip of shops, and when driving down Bay to Bay, you could quite easily drive right on by and never have known it was there.  At the weekend there is often a crowd outside, making it easier to spot, but along with the crowd there often comes at least a thirty-minute wait for a table. On the inside of the restaurant, the decor is a very eclectic, old style Florida. Various items adorn the walls like maps, and antique looking signs, all of which make for interesting pondering while you wait for your food. The restaurant also has an old wooden bar running through it where they serve up fabulous looking mimosas and bloody Mary’s to the brunch crowd. The coffee is a “help yourself” style service, with a mix match of cups available for you to choose from and to hold your favorite cup of Joe. There are always several blends of coffee that are made available at the weekend. For me personally, I can never get enough of the Costa Rica blend that they have, it is truly exquisite. Written out on a blackboard next to the bar, there are always several specials that are available.  I have always opted for the same thing each time, the ultimate fried egg breakfast sandwich with home fries, from their regular menu.  It is a huge sandwich that needs to be shared with someone or half of it taken home. It is divine! One of these days, I vow to try something new, as each plate that passes me when I’m sat at the table, has an eye-opening, mouthwatering effect.

Ultimate Fried Egg Sandwich

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  1. Wow this place sounds amazing. From the wood bar to the Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, I need to check this place out immediately. The ultimate egg sandwich looks incredible!! Thank you so much for the review!!


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