Franklin Fun.

If you have been following Tasty Tampa for a while, you will already know that I am a fairly new resident to the Tampa Bay area. I had intermittently worked here some years ago, so prior to my permanent move, I had a good idea of the lay of the land.  This intermittent work was going back close to 12 years ago though, and since then, Tampa has evolved into something quite different.

In the downtown area of Tampa, lies an area that is known as Riverwalk. This area has recently been revamped, and along with the ideal setting of the river, makes for a great area to spend an evening. Construction is still booming in the area, and along with this development, there are a number of bars and restaurants that have popped up. These places line the river and are also found nestled into the nearby streets, the choice and variety is quite overwhelming.

One of my recommendations for this area (and I’m sure it will not be my last) is Franklin Manor. This is a hopping little spot that has live music on most nights, great cocktails, food and a good vibe overall. To make the most of our beautiful weather here in FL, there is a huge courtyard with outdoor seating, bar, and stage. There is a swanky little room on the inside with another bar, seating and usually a DJ. I was delighted to discover that they even had a pool table. Although, due to the popularity of the place I didn’t foresee any chance of getting to play.

Franklin Manor is a great spot that carry’s all the right elements to make for a fun night out: Entertainment, drinks, perfect setting, and just the right amounts of cool and swanky. Making it laid back and chilled enough to avoid being pretentious.

Great Live Music

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